Lophatherum Herb Extract

Lophatherum Herb Extract
Product Details

Product Name:Lophatherum Leaf Extract Powder

Part Used:Leaf

Active Ingredients:Flavones

Test Method:TLC, HPLC

Sieve Analysis;100% Pass 80 mesh

Specs Available:5:1 to 20:1,15%-50% Flavone

Appearance:Brown yellow powder



Lophatherum Leaf Extract Powder,Lophatherum Leaf Extract Powder

1)Lophatherum Leaf Extract Powder are used to Cure hot and fidget.

2)Lophatherum Leaf Extract Powder are very useful to Diuresis.

3)Lophatherum Leaf Extract Powder Cure fever vexed thirsty, urinate red astringent drench pain, mouth and tongue born sores.