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Name: lannaconitine
Synonym: lappaconitine 
Molecular formula: C32H44N2O8
Molecular weight: 584.64
Formulation: white crystalline powder
Purity: 99%
Molecular structure:

Function and usage:
Abirritation: It equals the function of morphine and seven times more than the normal aminopyrine, as well as the pethidine.
Lasting usage: Lannaconitine‘s narcotic has the relative strong anesthesia function from the deep to the superficial. The clinical tests prove that the anesthesia function equals cocaine. And the retardation of nerve conduction is the 5.25 times to cocaine, 13 times to procaine. The soakage anesthesia is much larger than procaine and cocaine.
Highly safety: It has the function of highly safety, non-addiction, non-mutation and non-cancerigenic. There are no cumulations, stimulates, allergy and toxicity. According to the clinic tests ,there is no one poisoning in the stated usage and dosage. 
Temperature reduction and refrigeratory: It has the dominant function to all kinds of refrigeration.
Anti-inflammation: There are the dominant suppress and strengthen adrenocortical functions. At the same time, it can suppress the permeability of capillary vessel.