Goji Powder

Goji Powder
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Goji powder

Here are 5 top reasons why you will choose our goji products.


1. We are the Patent holders of the Goji Juice, Goji powder and Goji Juice Concentrate, we produced the first drum of Goji Juice.

2. In 1999 we produced our first batch of juice, they were exported to U.S., The following year, we exported our goji juice to EU countries. 

3. Now we export goji products more than 30 countries, it's the best proof of the quality.

4. Our products have no preservatives, It's all natural.

5. We have a good traceability system to ensure the safety of our clients.



Mesh size: 80

Shelf Life: 24 Months

Payment Terms: Negotiable

Minimum Order Quantity: 200 kg

Package: 10kg per box(5kg/bag*2bags, Aseptic bag in carton box)