Evening Primrose Oil

Evening Primrose Oil
Product Details

[Description of goods]: Evening Primrose Oil
[Raw material]: High quality evening primrose seed
[Technology]: Carbon dioxide supercritical extraction technology
[Main ingredients]: Linoleic acid>75%, Oleic acid>5%, α -linolenic acid>11%
[Function]: Inhibition of breast cancer, female friends like pain killers, facial and skincare, remove acne and patch.

Healthcare function:
1. Be effective for overcoming breast cancer
2. Popular antalgesic for women
3. Be effective for overcoming heterotopic skin inflammation and eczema
4. Skincare and hairdressing, removing acne and freckle
5. Improve anaphylaxis
6. Improve climacteric syndrome
7. Prevent cardio-cerebrovascular diseases
8. Be helpful in asthma remission

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