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Ergocalciferol (Vitamin D2)


Name:  Ergocalciferol(Vitamin D2)

C.A.S# : 50-14-6

Synonyms: Calciferol; Ergocalciferol; Oleovitamin D2; 9,10-Secoergosta-5,7,10,22-tetraen-3-ol

Molecular formula: C28H44O

Molecular weight :  396.65

Assay:  97.0%-103.0%

Quality Standards: USP30

Ergocalciferol contains not less than 97.0 percent and not more than 103.0 percent of C19H19N7O6.

Characteristic: White crystals.

Melting point:  115-119°C

alpha:  82° (c=3, in acetone 25°C)

Water solubility: At 26 °C, solubility in ethanol is 28 g/100ml, in acetone is 25 g/100ml. Ether -soluble, do not dissolve in water.

Function and Usage: Ergocalciferol is one major form of vitamin D which can prevent and treat osteoporosis and rickets.It also has a part in cancer prevention,at least for colon cancer.